National Water Safety Forum


Information, data and statistics

The availability of accurate, timely and comprehensive accident and incident data has been a long-standing issue for all involved in water safety. One of the key functions of the Forum is to bring together sources of information, data, and resources to enable a comprehensive approach to balancing both the benefits and risks associated with water related activity. The development of the WAID system represents our best efforts to address existing data issues.

WAter Incident Database (WAID)

WAID is a system developed by the Forum to bring together water-related incident data from a wide range of sources within the UK search and rescue region. The aim of the WAID service is to:

  • Provide insights into levels of risk enabling meaningful comparisons with activities outside the water sector, and the determination of risk acceptability.
  • Replace the annual drowning statistics produced by RoSPA up to 2008.
  • Supersede the uncoordinated efforts of organisations trying to establish national trends based on limited data of uncertain quality.
  • Lead to substantial aggregate cost savings for a much higher quality result.

Detailed information on the WAID service, how to access data and reports, and how to become a stakeholder can be found on the WAID homepage.

Other sources of data

There are a number of other national data sets available. Those that produce regular reports have been listed in the resources section. An overview of the wider accident data can be found on the RoSPA website.