National Water Safety Forum




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20th April  NFCC Water Safety Webinar

26th April - 2nd May  #BeWaterAware

28th April NWSF  Inland Advisory Group meeting

5th May  NWSF Coastal Group meeting

1st June  Water Safety Scotland meeting

19th June - 26th June  RLSS UK Drowning Prevention Week

5th July - 9th  July Maritime Safety Week

21st July - Manchester Water Safety Partnership meeting

22nd July - NWSF Inland group meeting 

25th July - UN Global Drowning Prevention Day

19th August  -  NWSF Coordinating Group meeting

2nd September - NWSF Coastal group meeting

9th September -  Emergency Services Day

13th September - Nottinghamshire Water Safety Partnership meeting

21st - September - NWSF Communications group meeting

27th September - NWSF Coastal group meeting

29th September - CPR ChallengeWorld Heart Day (RLSS)

29th September - Merseyside Water Safety Forum meeting

30th September - Pembrokeshire Water Safety Forum meeting

5th October   Water Safety Scotland meeting

5th October  NWSF Recreation Group meeting

5th October   Ceredigion Water Safety Forum meeting

13th October Manchester Water Safety Partnership meeting

20th October  York Water Safety Forum meeting

21st October  NWSF Inland Advisory Group meeting

26th October  - NWSF Communications Group meeting

6th November - The National Presentation of Honours Ceremony (RLSS)

11th November - NFCC Water Safety Practitioners meeting

16th November - Wales Beach Managers Group meeting

18th November -  RoSPA National Water Safety Conference

23rd November - NWSF Communications Group meeting


2nd December  - NWSF Coordinating Group meeting

13th December  Nottinghamshire Water Safety Partnership meeting

14th December  NWSF Communications Group meeting