National Water Safety Forum


Calendar 2024


All months have events listed in 2024


 24th January - NWSF Water Safety Partnership Guidance - Launch webinar

12th-25th February - Water Safety for Little Explorers(Canal & River Trust)

12th February - NWSF Inland Advisory Group meeting

13th February - NWSF Comms Group meeting

1st March - Self Injury/Self Harm Awareness Day (Global)

4th March - 200th Anniversary of the RNLI

7th March - NWSF Coastal Group meeting

12th March - NWSF Coordinating Group meeting

14th March - NFCC Water Safety Practitioners meeting

20th March - NWSF Comms Group meeting

26th March - NWSF Recreation Group meeting

22nd - 28th April #BeWaterAware (NFCC)


13th-19th May - STA International Learn to Swim Week  

14th May - NWSF Inland Group meeting

15th May - NWSF Comms Group meeting

tbc - Launch of the RNLI's Float To Live campaign for 2024

6th June - NWSF Coastal Group meeting

15th June - 22nd June RLSS UK Drowning Prevention Week

19th June - NWSF Coordinating Group meeting

26th June - NWSF Recreation Group meeting

tbc - Maritime Safety Week

tbc  - Canal & River Trust - Summer Holiday Water Safety Week

10th July - NWSF Comms group meeting

13th July - NWSF Suicide Prevention Thematic Group meeting

25th July UN Global Drowning Prevention Day

14th August - NWSF Inland Advisory group meeting

9th September - Emergency Services Day

10th September  - World Suicide Prevention Day

16th to 22nd September - RLSS UK  #DontDrinkandDrown


8th October - NWSF Coastal Group meeting

10th October - World Mental Health Day

11th-12th October - Swimming Teachers' Association (STA) Conference


12th November - NWSF Coordinating Group meeting

13th November - NWSF Comms Group meeting

19th November - NWSF Recreation Group meeting

20th November - NWSF Inland Advisory group meeting



12th to 20th December - RLSS UK - #DontDrinkandDrown